A Sustainable Community

A sustainable community is a place where residents maintain themselves by employing practices in the areas of land use, agriculture, and resource management that ... (the complete definition)

The Yellow Hills Ranch contains 4,743 acres located (location map) in the northwest corner of New Mexico, in Tierra Amarilla, 90 miles northwest of Santa Fe. It is a place where people, wild horses and big game mingle. Please take a look!

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Location and Area

Yellow Hills Ranch is located across the street (see overview aerial) from El Vado State Park, a 15,000 acre Wildlife Preserve managed by the New Mexico Game and Fish Department. The Ranch and the public have access to the Chama River through that Wildlife Preserve.

The Chama River (pictures) is designated as a Wild and Scenic River. The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System was created by Congress in 1968. More Information

The Spanish Mustang Foundation

The Spanish Mustang Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit formed to strengthen and expand efforts to preserve this exceptional horse, through educational activities and preservation practices. By creating a better awareness of this horse’s history we hope to secure its legacy in America.

Phone: (505) 466-1064 | 505) 690-0359

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Local Life

Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico

On our favorite two-day adventure, you can meet the local people and experience the traditional culture of the historic Chama Valley area in a way few visitors ever can. You can visit the village of Los Ojos where the art of weaving has been revived by descendants of the Spanish immigrants who first settled the Valley in the 16th century.

The Manzanares Sheep Ranch, owned and operated by one family for generations, is the Ranch that provides the wool for the Valley’s traditional weaving.